The Lord Mayor’s Show 2023

On 11th Nov, IPM Liz Garner led a small group of Poulters in the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Representing the Poulters as part of float 17 –  The Ancient Livery Companies, were the Immediate Past Master, Elizabeth Garner, her consort, Mr Martyn Buttery, The Clerk Emeritus, Julie Pearce, and Liverymen Katherine Oldridge, Ivor Cook & Chris James.

The morning started freshly, but the weather held and was dry and a very pleasant temperature for walking.  

The streets were well lined with people, many scout and brownie groups lined the way for Hi-5’s. 

A fabulous finger buffet lunch was provided at Carmen’s Hall, which was also a great location to be able to celebrate the new Lord Mayor as he passed in his golden coach.  He spotted our banner and did call out “The Poulters” as he doffed his cap.  At one point on the walk, we did hear one mother talking to her children, on reading our banner, she asked her children “do you know what poulters do?” it was lovely to hear that we were educating the young and getting people engaged in the Livery.

A great time was had by all.  If you didn’t manage to attend, have a watch on iPlayer as you will see us walk past the front of the screen just after 27 minutes in.