Charitable Trusts

The Master Poulter’s Pelican Trust

Registered Charity Number 1087248

The Objects

The trustees shall hold the trust fund and its income upon trust to apply them for the following

1. For the relief of poverty, sickness and distress or any other charitable need within the City of London and other London boroughs.

2. For such other charitable purposes as the trustees may in their absolute discretion from time to time see fit.

The Charity Committee meets once or twice a year and makes recommendations to the trustees. Applications should be addressed to the Clerk* who will ensure they reach the Committee.

It should be stressed that the Pelican Trust has very limited funds to distribute and normally is only able to award to successful applicants amounts in the low hundreds of pounds, sometimes less. The Committee attempts to spread their recommendations for support over several categories to reflect the objects of the charity.
*The Clerk, The Old Bakery, Bull Lane, Ketton, Stamford PE9 3TB

The Nepton Trust

Registered Charity Number 312157

The Trust was set out in the Will of Ann Nepton which was dated 22nd January 1728. It was combined with the James Smith gift, founded by Will on 21st.August 1731.

The Charity Commissioners approved the scheme in 1984 under which the combined Trust now operates.

The Objects

1. Provision for the poor and needy in the ancient Parish of Barking, present day Barking, Dagenham, Ilford and Redbridge.

2. Advancement of Life i.e. Apprenticeship (Education). In the first instance to provide help with education for the children (under 25) of needy Freemen and Liverymen. Secondly, for a person residing, working in or attending educational establishments in the City of London.

Those who feel they might be eligible for a grant under the terms of the Nepton Trust should write to the Clerk* who will pass the application to the Charity Committee for consideration. The Charity Committee meets once or twice a year and makes recommendations to the trustees.
*The Clerk, The Old Bakery, Bull Lane, Ketton, Stamford PE9 3TB

The Charitable Trust

Registered Charity Number 1044721

The Objects

1. To advance education and training into the development of the Poultry, Egg and Game Industries and Trades in the British Isles

2. To provide support to organisations, centres of learning and individuals associated with the Trade and Industry in order to achieve high standards of competence in production, distribution and retailing.

The Trust offers grants to students wanting to further their education in poultry related subjects at a British College or University, or to assist with a specific task or project.

In the past the Trust has supported students from the Scottish Agricultural College, Silsoe and Harper Adams amongst others. Projects have included research into husbandry, nutrition, vaccination and hygiene. The Trust is currently funding a ‘Zero Waste’ project to investigate ways in which the whole of the poultry carcass can be utilised profitably.

The Poulters’ Prize of a certificate and £1000 is awarded to a person who has made a substantial contribution, at an early age, to poultry production. Advances in lighting, transport and vaccination have all been acknowledged by the committee.

The most recent recipients of grants have been on residential BSc degrees in Business Management and Marketing at Harper Adams University in Shropshire.

The Trustees meet twice per year. Applicants should write to the Secretary to the Trustees at Northcotts, Southend Poultry Farm, Charfield, Wotton-under-Edge, Glos., GL12 8LL.