27th March Lady Day Court Lunch

On Wednesday 27th March, the Company enjoyed its Lady Day Court lunch at Armourers’ Hall, with guests enjoying a hearty menu of grilled sea trout followed by slow-cooked leg of duck. Our Guest Speaker was Dr Doug Gurr, Director of The Natural History Museum, who gave a thought-provoking and wide-ranging talk which, among other things, reminded those attending of the fragility of our existence in the planet’s complex web of interdependence (plus the fact that birds are modern-day dinosaurs!). Among our other distinguished guests were the Master Butcher and the Master Farmer. The Company stood for a minute’s silence in memory of two recently deceased Past Masters. Three new Freemen and a new Liveryman were welcomed, as were two newly appointed Assistants to the Court of the Company.

Ash Wednesday Election Court

On Wednesday 14th February, the Ash Wednesday Election Court saw Mr Mark Goodwin, Mr Paul Kelly and Mr Terry Thurley elected as Master, Upper Warden and Renter Warden respectively. At the well-attended lunch which followed, the Company and guests dined on grass-fed lamb from the Yorkshire North Riding and enjoyed excellent speeches from the incoming Master and his guest speaker Mr Michael Oke. A heartfelt toast was offered for the outgoing Master, Mr Peter Hill, whose ill health meant that he was unable to attend. The Clerk was especially grateful to Past Master Mr Rowland Hughes for stepping in to oversee proceedings at short notice on account of a pressing engagement preventing his attendance. The table setting was enhanced by an abundance of red roses to mark St Valentine’s Day, a thoughtful touch from our new Master!

INTER-LIVERY PANCAKE RACE – Tues 13th February 2024

The 20th Inter-Livery Pancake Races were unfortunately driven indoors by rain. However, the usual fun and a fiercely competitive spirit prevailed throughout the revised event in Guildhall Crypts, which was followed by a delicious Buffet Lunch catered by The Clink Charity.

The Poulters’ Team was led by PM James Cross and Liveryman Lionel Correya once again gamely donned the chicken outfit for the Fancy Dress category. Both Sheriffs and the Chief Commoner joined us as guests. Congratulations go to the Tylers & Bricklayers for fielding the overall winner and the Plaisterers for some very innovative fancy dress.

Christmas Court lunch 2024

On Wednesday 10th January, the Company enjoyed its traditional Christmas Court lunch at Armourers’ Hall, which was full to capacity for the occasion. Our Guest Speaker was Lt Col Adrian Thompson MBE, Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, and the Poulters’ Plate (awarded each year to a Royal Anglian soldier who has excelled in regimental life) was presented to Private Christopher Webb. The Chief Commoner, Deputy Ann Holmes, was among our distinguished guests, together with the outgoing Royal Anglian Regimental Secretary, Lt Col Robert Goodin OBE, to whom we wish a long and happy retirement.

The Lord Mayor’s Thanksgiving Turkey

On Wed 22nd November, Assistant Benjamin Browning presented the incoming Lord Mayor, American-born Professor Michael Mainelli, with a prize-winning turkey in time for his family’s Thanksgiving celebrations at Mansion House. Many thanks to Benjamin for this timely gesture, which earned the Poulters’ Company an honourable mention in the ‘Lord Mayor’s Address to the Livery’ that took place later that same day!

The Lord Mayor’s Show 2023

On 11th Nov, IPM Liz Garner led a small group of Poulters in the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Representing the Poulters as part of float 17 –  The Ancient Livery Companies, were the Immediate Past Master, Elizabeth Garner, her consort, Mr Martyn Buttery, The Clerk Emeritus, Julie Pearce, and Liverymen Katherine Oldridge, Ivor Cook & Chris James.

The morning started freshly, but the weather held and was dry and a very pleasant temperature for walking.  

The streets were well lined with people, many scout and brownie groups lined the way for Hi-5’s. 

A fabulous finger buffet lunch was provided at Carmen’s Hall, which was also a great location to be able to celebrate the new Lord Mayor as he passed in his golden coach.  He spotted our banner and did call out “The Poulters” as he doffed his cap.  At one point on the walk, we did hear one mother talking to her children, on reading our banner, she asked her children “do you know what poulters do?” it was lovely to hear that we were educating the young and getting people engaged in the Livery.

A great time was had by all.  If you didn’t manage to attend, have a watch on iPlayer as you will see us walk past the front of the screen just after 27 minutes in.

Court & Livery Dinner 2023

On Monday 6th November, the annual Court & Livery dinner was held amid the 18th Century splendour of Trinity House by the Tower of London. Excellent food and wines were followed by an inspiring speech from our principal guest, Mr Roland Martin, Headmaster of the City of London Freemen’s School. Other distinguished guest included the Master Distiller and the Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. The absence of piano accompaniment did not diminish the enthusiasm with which Sung Grace was tackled and it was a particular pleasure that our Honorary Chaplain was able to join us after recuperating from his accident abroad earlier this year. Many thanks to the IPM, who despite having had a very busy day stood in for the Master on the night (ill health prevented him from attending, but he sent his best wishes and he was heartily toasted by the Company towards the end of proceedings).

Inter Livery Pancake Race 5th March 2019

Once again the Poulters organised this prestige event held at the Guildhall, this year the weather was kind and the sun shone all morning, although it was a bit windy!

15th Inter-Liver Pancake Race 2019 Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Poulters

30 full Livery teams took part with an additional 11 Masters running in the Masters Qualifying Race.  As ever the runners were very competitive and the standard was high, we even had our first wheelchair participant.

15th Inter-Liver Pancake Race 2019 Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Poulters

The Results

  • Masters Race – Framework Knitters
  • Liveryman Race – Insurers
  • Ladies Race – Constructors
  • Novelty Race – Framework Knitters
  • Victor Ludorum – Framework Knitters
  • Winner of the Fancy Dress Competition – Fuellers

This year we had new caterers, The Clink https://theclinkcharity.org/ who I am pleased to say are happy to be involved again next year, thank you to Lizzie and Johny and all the team.

15th Inter-Liver Pancake Race 2019 Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Poulters

Also as ever many thanks to Glovers, Fruiterers, Gunmakers and Clockmakers for their continued support and contribution to making this event so successful.

Finally I would like to thank Court Assistant Liz Garner for organising the event for the third year, ably assisted by Liveryman Alex Brooker and myself, plus our volunteer of stewards on the day!

15th Inter-Liver Pancake Race 2019 Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Poulters

An excellent £4,500 was raised from the event, which is split between the Lord Mayor’s Charities and the Master Poulters Pelican Trust.

15th Inter-Liver Pancake Race 2019 Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Poulters

Here’s to next year’s event on the 25th February, hope you are all in training!

Court & Livery Dinner – 9th November

Watermen’s Hall was the venue for the Court & Livery Dinner on the 9th November 2018, it was a sell out event, enjoyed by Liverymen and their guests. Catering by Mark Grove and his The Cook and The Butler team, as ever a delicious meal.

[gdl_gallery title=”Livery Dinner 9th November 2018″ width=”150″ height=”150″ ]

The entertainment this year was provided by Martin Toal, Tenor and Violinist Honor Watson, the unique mix of music between courses, accumulated with a splendid sing-along, which I am well informed, was also enjoyed by passers- by in the street below.

A Kelly Bronze Turkey raffle, with all proceeds being donated to the Master’s Charity for the year, The Coombe Trust, was a huge success. The winning envelope was chosen by the Company’s Guest, the Deputy Honorary Colonel of the Royal Anglian Regiment, Brigadier Woodham CBE., MC. The Master Robert Haynes and his Wife Mary, hope the evening will be forever remembered by those who attended.














Photographs courtesy of Ben Broomfield


Visit to Kelly Farms – 11th October 2018

On a windy but lovely sunny day, a group of Poulters descended on Kelly Farms, Danbury, Chelmsford. For some of us harden City types this was quite an experience!

Paul Kelly and Land Rover!

Those travelling by train arrived at Chelmsford Station to be greeted by Paul Kelly and his ‘old’ Land Rover, which we piled into the back of via a mobile step, health and safety would have had a field day with it!!! On arrival at Kelly Farms, we joined the rest of the party who had arrived the night before and had been generously fed and watered by our superb hosts Paul and Derek Kelly. Following an informative presentation on the Kelly Bronze Turkeys, we had a tour of the Hatchery and then on, in convey, to see the free range turkeys, in their natural environment.

We were greeted by gobbling and squeaks and that was just Paul!  It was fascinating to see them in the field and forest roaming with nature, friendly birds, which did peck some of our party! Onto lunch, which was you guessed Turkey, cooked and carved expertly by Paul, what he doesn’t know about turkeys, isn’t worth knowing!  After a delicious buffet lunch, it was onto the Processing Plant, vast buildings, that often remain empty many months of the year, but that are a hive of activity for the Christmas Turkey production, it was easy to imagine how much work went on at that busy time.

Tour of the Hatchery

The day went far too quick and it was time to depart, I know I and my fellow Poulters, will never forget the excellent day out and the enthusiasm and hospitality of Paul, his family and staff, Kelly Bronze is a real testament to their hard work and dedication, long may they continue as one of the fore runners in the Turkey world!

Paul showing us how to carve a turkey!

Tour of the Processing Plant.

Master and Paul

Master and Turkey!

Julie Pearce, Clerk

Photographs – Reginald Beer JP, Renter Warden