Court & Livery Dinner 2023

On Monday 6th November, the annual Court & Livery dinner was held amid the 18th Century splendour of Trinity House by the Tower of London. Excellent food and wines were followed by an inspiring speech from our principal guest, Mr Roland Martin, Headmaster of the City of London Freemen’s School. Other distinguished guest included the Master Distiller and the Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. The absence of piano accompaniment did not diminish the enthusiasm with which Sung Grace was tackled and it was a particular pleasure that our Honorary Chaplain was able to join us after recuperating from his accident abroad earlier this year. Many thanks to the IPM, who despite having had a very busy day stood in for the Master on the night (ill health prevented him from attending, but he sent his best wishes and he was heartily toasted by the Company towards the end of proceedings).